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This is a Great Place To Work® because of you & Q

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The Results

“It is like a family, welcomed in with warmth and the friendly and positive attitude does not stop. No matter how busy it is, no one snaps, no one gets angry and it still has the same warmth in the office.”


This is physically a safe place to work


The work I do helps to achieve the company’s mission


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Q and you

We love to celebrate successes, from birthdays, client wins and more recently 20 years of greatness in Barcelona. The Q awards run throughout the year to acknowledge those around us that have gone and and beyond.

Meet Bernie

Picture this: it is November 2009, and Bernie has finished her last sales meeting for a company she has just decided to leave. A colleague of Bernie’s at the same workplace is Paul Fitzgerald (now a Corporate Surveyor and Account Manager at K2 New York), who has reached the same conclusion. Between them, they need something new.

Ring this

“We both decided after that meeting that we needed to move on. I had no idea what my next venture would bring, where I would end up, or what I would be doing. That was until Paul Fitzgerald gave me a post-it note with a random phone number on it. ‘Ring this’, he said.”

One hour later

“I didn’t know who Nick was, or what K2 did, but Nick invited me to their office to have a meeting. Without a job and wanting to take a chance, I agreed. It was Monday 30th November 2009, I had just met Nick in-person for the first time, and half an hour into our first meeting at Queen’s Gate House, Nick wanted me to meet someone else from K2. He left the room for a moment, and returned with Richard Rutledge, K2’s Co-founder and Business Executive. An hour later, I was offered a job, which I accepted immediately.”

Personally chosen by Nick,
this award was the very first.

“The qualities that come with every member of the K2 Family have been there from the start, and definitely since I started, thirteen years ago. Q is merely putting a name to that. Both innovation and transparency are integral to the company, and I believe Q to be a natural progression, stemming from the seed that Nick and Richard planted back in 2002.”

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